Our faculty members are committed to training the next generation of health care practitioners and are recognized internationally for their research.
The School has more than 60 full-time faculty, over 70 clinical faculty, more than 20 adjunct faculty, over 20 emeritus faculty, and over 20 postdoctoral fellows. SPPH draws faculty and participation from different faculties, schools, and units at UBC. The resulting mix of professions and disciplines connects individuals and small research units, which enhances learning and galvanizes relationships between health research and health services.

Looking for a supervisor? Click here to read our tips and view a list of faculty available to supervise in the next academic year


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Associate Professors

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Assistant Professors

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Research Associates

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Clinical Faculty

The School of Population and Public Health currently has 77 clinical faculty, who are actively involved in hospitals, teaching, and more.

Current faculty members can find useful information on the Faculty of Medicine Clinical Affairs website or here.

If you wish to apply to become a clinical faculty member, please contact SPPH Executive Assistant with a completed application form, curriculum vitae, and a letter of support from a School of Population and Public Health faculty member.

Our Clinical Faculty are:

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Adjunct Faculty

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Emeritus Faculty are:

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Affiliated Faculty are:

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Associate UBC Faculty

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Postdoctoral Fellows

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